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Warrior Spirit Books

Warrior Spirit Books donates a portion of the proceeds from every sale at this website to the ILEETA Trinity Foundation.

Warriors working in law enforcement, corrections and military face a unique and exciting blend of opportunities and challenges. To meet these challenges and perform at the highest levels throughout their careers warriors must be committed to pursuing personal excellence. A key element in this pursuit is total preparation of the mind, body and spirit with a commitment to be better tomorrow than today. This requires that warriors do something positive every day in the way of personal growth and development.

Warrior Spirit Books were developed to assist warriors on their journey toward this personal growth and development. We accomplish it in two ways:

  1. Provide a range of books; in a variety of formats; written by many of the leading warrior trainers in North America;
  2. Support two great organizations whose missions are to ensure the safety and well being of our warrior professions through quality training and organization, and to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, in the line of duty.

"The mind of a true warrior is what sets him apart from others in the midst of battle." - Author Unknown